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Since 2000, THE DJ SG has rocked audiences with his eclectic blend of hip-hop, R&B, reggae, rock and electronic dance music. As an elite member of the ever-growing BANGKOK INVADERS, “ASIA’S #1 PARTY-ROCKIN’ CREW”, THE DJ SG continues to make his name internationally known, having performed in THAILAND, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA and more. Despite his continued success, THE DJ SG remains grounded by his love for music, always searching for new and inventive ways to share his passion with the world. Through it all THE DJ SG remains humble, at the mercy of the crowd and the ever-changing musical landscape.

Born (Somsakul George Nareewong) and raised in the LOS ANGELES, California metropolitan, THE DJ SG began realizing his passion for music at an early age, as he aspired to be like the skilled disc jockeys that could be heard on LA’s hip-hop radio outlets KPWR 106FM and KKBT 92.3FM. In 2002, THE DJ SG began performing for private parties and various university events in SAN DIEGO. High-demand for his DJ services led to co-founding event entertainment company BLACKOUT ENTERTAINMENT in 2004 which frequently serviced private events across Southern California. His exceptional mixing later caught the attention of local nightclub promoters CLIMAXSD (a subdivision of CLIMAXGLOBAL) who immediately placed THE DJ SG on heavy rotation within their DJ lineup performing weekly in downtown San Diego’s world-famous GASLAMP DISTRICT. Between 2004 and 2009, THE DJ SG performed many guest DJ sets, from HOLLYWOOD’s swanky nightclubs to the beachfront bars in San Diego and everywhere in-between, while holding several weekly residencies at legendary San Diego venues such as BAR DYNAMITE, AIR CONDITIONED LOUNGE and MOONDOGGIES

In early 2009, newly-formed Thai-American Thai/English rap group THAIKOON formally invited THE DJ SG to be the group’s official DJ to open for Thai rock group CLASH at the world-famous KEY CLUB in Hollywood. Thaikoon, with THE DJ SG, would go on to be the first Thai act to perform in the legendary PALLADIUM in Hollywood, opening for the beloved Thai comedian NOTE UDOM. On tour, Thaikoon and THE DJ SG opened for popular Thai rap act THAITANIUM at some of the largest musical festivals and concerts in Thailand, including SEED SHOW, BLEND UNITED LASER CONCERT and PATTAYA MUSIC FESTIVAL. While on tour THE DJ SG also seized every opportunity while in Thailand to perform at some of Thailand’s hottest nightclubs, such as ROUTE 66, SLIM, Q BAR and BED SUPPERCLUB.

In 2010, THE DJ SG received personal invitation by the world-renowned DJAYBUDDAH and DJ ONO to join the BANGKOK INVADERS, Asia’s premiere DJ crew widely considered the best collection of party-rocking DJs in all of Asia. It was not long before THE DJ SG found himself relocating to BANGKOK.

Ever-diligent, THE DJ SG took on an executive role in 2010 as VICE PRESIDENT of indie record label BANG BAHT and spearheaded a slew of successful projects, including the careers of DENNIS THAIKOON, N.J. HENESSY and ILLSLICK.

The past few years THE DJ SG has collaborated with some of Asia's best DJs. He has worked with JAPAN's DJ MR. JACK, MALAYSIA's DJ MISTY, DJ DEF & DJ TOKYO, as well as THAILAND's DJ TONY B (TONY B & THE DJ SG collaborated under the moniker THE WESTERN CONFERENCE). He has performed at some of the largest festivals in Asia including Thailand's SONGKRAN (ROUTE 66 CLUB / ROYAL CITY AVENUE / BANGKOK) and Myanmar's THINGYAN (PIONEER CLUB / YANGON). THE DJ SG also frequents events in HUA HIN, PHUKET, KUALA LUMPUR, MELAKA and PENANG to name a few.

More recently THE DJ SG performed in SINGAPORE for the AMBER LOUNGE, one of the world's most prestigious afterparties for the FIA Formula One World Championship.